Compass Health 2013 Agency Video from Compass Health on Vimeo.

Compass Health is a private, non-profit, state licensed organization providing mental health and chemical dependency services.  We provide services in Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties.  A volunteer board of directors guides our path.  Compass Health is a leader in the delivery of behavioral health services.  We provide quality, creative services to children, families and adults.  Our goal is to help people stay in their home and in their community, surrounded by family and friends who can support them during difficult times.

We have a broad comprehensive range of programs serving individuals of all ages, income levels and ethnic cultures.  Clients served may be chronically mentally ill; experiencing an episodic crisis; dual diagnosed or seeking assistance for an emotional or behavioral problem.  In addition to serving individuals and families, the agency provides consultation, training and educational services to other providers, law enforcement and correctional facilities, as well as the community at large.

Our Board of Directors consists of 10 community volunteers from Island, San Juan, Skagit and Snohomish Counties.

In 2012, Compass Health Provided...


  • 182,920 hours of Outpatient services and 17,508 hours of Intensive Outpatient services to 14,438 clients.

  • 5,711 hours of Emergency services and 2,959 days of Triage to 2,980 clients.

  • 2,581 hours of Chemical Dependency services to 200 clients.

  • 14,951 days of Residential Treatment services to 69 clients.

  • 5,805 days of Inpatient services to 406 clients.

  • Gave housing assistance to over 500 individuals.