Board of Directors and Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Aaron DeFolo (Board Member)

Alex deSoto (Board Member)

Dave Finstad (Board Treasurer)

Dave Kleiber (Board Member)

Dave Schneider (Board Member)

Duane Pearson (Board Member)

Eric Carlsen (Board Vice Chair)

Harvey Smith (Board Chair)

Jim Fagarlie (Board Member)

John Pederson (Board Member)

Laura Carlsen (Board Secretary)

Ron Jacobson (Board Member)

Leadership Team

Barb McFadden (Associate Medical Director)

Becky Olson-Hernandez (Director of Emergency Services & Healthcare Integration)

Carole Kosturn (Director of Snohomish County)

Chris Starets-Foote (Director of Inpatient & Residential Services)

Heather Fennell (Chief Quality, Information and Privacy Officer)

Jill Henson (Chief Administrative Officer)

Judy Heinemann (Director of Skagit, Island & San Juan Counties)

Kay Tillema (Regional Services Director)

Linda Ford (Director of Whatcom County)

Marsh Kellegrew (Chief Financial Officer)

Nancy Cole (Director of Housing and Development)

Stacey Alles (Chief Operations Officer)

Tom Sebastian (President/CEO)