Compass Health Celebrates the Opening of its Remodeled Triage Center

On Monday 5/20/13, Compass Health unveiled its newly remodeled Triage Center at the Bailey Center!
When Snohomish County passed the .1% Sales Tax, an Advisory Board was created to provide direct feedback to County officials from the community. 
Simultaneously, there was a region-wide Crisis System Review (initiated by NSMHA in late 2009) that brought many representatives from across the region together to take a long-term look at the Crisis System.  One of the top priorities of these groups was the creation of a Triage Facility in Snohomish County.  It is the hope of all involved that not only will participants be assisted in their path of Recovery, but that we will be in a better position to match our intervention to the crisis at hand.  The over-arching goal is a decrease in the use of jails and hospital Emergency Departments to address behavioral health needs.
Law enforcement officers from throughout Snohomish County can transport people to the SCTC directly. This new facility offers an option other than booking, or a trip to an Emergency Department.  SCTC maintains a direct phone referral process for professionals in the community (Clinicians, ED Social Workers, CDPs, DMHPs, etc.) who may have people that they wish to refer.  Other members of the Snohomish County community should call the Crisis Line as these professional staff are in the best position to see that the help offered is appropriate for the crisis at hand.
This is an active Triage program with a Recovery Model philosophy.  From the moment that SCTC becomes involved, the individual is engaged in a process of evaluation and planning which involves all available formal and natural supports.  There are 6 slots available that we are calling “23-hour beds” or “recliners”; these participants may need some time to figure out next steps.
Additionally, there are 16 beds that offer short-term (up to 5 days) crisis stabilization and sobering support within the SCTC.
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