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Samantha came to us for treatment due to emotional and behavioral problems that she was experiencing at home and at school.

She was having severe tantrums at home, not completing her homework, and fighting with her classmates.  Samantha was eating lunch by herself and had no one to play with during recess.

When Samantha first came to Compass, it was hard to start a relationship with her.  She didn't want to talk to the therapist, but was willing to play games with her. They started to build trust, and after a few sessions, she began to share stories from home.

Her mom's boyfriend had moved in and she heard them fight on a regular basis, and even saw her mom get physically abused.  Samantha was afraid of him, but didn't know what to do.  Samantha's mom didn't know what to do either.

The therapist scheduled family therapy with Samantha and her mom, and established a safe place where she could tell her mom how she was feeling and what was upsetting her.

Therapy also helped Samantha's mom decide that she was leaving her abusive boyfriend. Compass Health worked with Samantha and her mom on a plan to leave home safely, and they moved to another apartment in the same school district.

The therapist then started working with Samantha and her mom on their relationship by increasing their play time together, reading, and having a routine of dinner together - activities every young child enjoys. Samantha finally started to feel safe again.

Together, more importantly, they both were able to leave a violent and terrifying home life.

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