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Dear friends,


What would make a difference?  New ovens and an ice machine for the Bailey Peer Center for the Homeless…


While many organizations just provide meals to the homeless, or just provide in-kind health services, Compass Health takes a comprehensive approach in helping solve the daily issues these individuals face -- Supporting our homeless population in remaining fed, having a sense of security and camaraderie, while allowing for access to critical basic mental health services.


“The Peer Center is a life saver for a lot of people that have no place out there other than the streets and alleys to go to. I have never been treated better by the entire staff.  It has been a life saver and I have no clue where I would be right now if it wasn’t for Compass Health,” says one Peer Center client.


Compass Health believes in the comprehensive model of recovery for our most vulnerable populations, and we believe the Bailey Peer Center is integral not only to our service model, but also for the entire community.


Take a moment to show your support for the issues of mental illness, chemical dependency, and homelessness by making a tax-deductible contribution towards improvements at the Bailey Peer Center:

Be part of a project that brings real improvements to people’s lives!


Homelessness is an issue that our communities have been struggling with on an ongoing basis.  Compass Health partners with a number of local organizations to support the daily operations of the Bailey Peer Center and today we are requesting support from you!


The Compass Health Bailey Peer Center is supported through charitable donations and our general operating fund and provides a safe environment for homeless, mentally ill individuals, to eat a daily free and healthy breakfast and lunch.  We serve roughly 2,000 homeless individuals a year with the goal of never turning away a person in need.


  • The Bailey Peer Center layout promotes socialization, peer support, and safety with a computer area, a television area, and tables for projects with a large kitchen area for meal preparation.
  • The Peer Center employs a number of clients in kitchen and janitorial roles.
  • Peer Center Counselors administer at least 500 support groups which cover multiple peer-chosen recovery topics (e.g. Hope & Recovery, Life Skills, Social Communication, and Health & Wellness).
  • Peer Center Counselors assist more than 200 homeless individuals in developing personal recovery plans over the fiscal year.
  • Peer Center staff solicits client input and feedback, and determines the best plan of action to work toward achievement of common goals.


Often times overlooked, homeless individuals are left with nowhere to turn for their most basic needs in life.  With your significant gift, you are making a difference in our community!


Thank you very much for your support.  Please feel free to contact Tom Kozaczynski at 425-349-8122 or at  if you have questions, suggestions or would like to schedule a tour of the facility.


With gratitude,


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