May is Mental Health Awareness Month… but don’t let it end there

Mental health has no time frame and no official end date - neither should your awareness or support for mental health in America.  This month, organizations and people from around the country rallied together to show their support for mental health and to remind us all that a mental health diagnoses does not define them or hold them back.

What can you do now?  Mental Health month may be over, but you can still show support...

  • Stay informed and keep others informed tooKnow the signs of good and poor mental health.
  • Know the resources around you.  Compass Health has locations in Snohomish, Skagit, Island, San Juan, and Whatcom Counties.  Each location provides catered services regarding mental health.  Visit our services page for a complete list of services and where they can be found..
  • Support the organizations around you.  Compass Health cannot provide services without the support of the community.  Please consider donating and making a difference in mental health.