Whitehorse Foundation continues to support Compass Health & Cocoon House patnership

Compass Health continues to grow and expand its services to help more and more people.  We are pleased to announce that Compass Health has been awarded a significant grant that will allow us to continue to invest in the community and the people we serve.

The Whitehorse Foundation has awarded Compass Health, for the second year in a row, a $50,000 grant to help continue our partnership with Cocoon House.  For over 10 years, Compass Health and Cocoon House have partnered together to provide mental health counseling services and housing for its teen clients.

Cocoon House's Maternity Group Home in ArlingtonCocoon House was established in 1991, and is Snohomish County’s only resource exclusively serving homeless and at-risk youth ages 13-17. Cocoon House continues to expand their resources and their services to help more at-risk teens throughout the county.

Last January (2014), Compass Health and Cocoon House expanded their partnership to the Maternity Group Home, a community living environment for teen moms, in Arlington.  Maternity Group Home provides a safe place for these mothers and their young children for up to 21 months.  While at Maternity Group Home, mothers are required to engage in school or gain a GED, gain employment skills, learn how to access services for themselves and their child, obtain both mental health and drug and alcohol treatment, and most importantly, they will take part in life skills that will focus heavily on building both their own and their child’s social, emotional, developmental, and physical needs.

Many of these young mothers have gone through mental and physical abuse and do not have any positive relationships with adults. There is a Compass Health counselor on sight every day. They work with the mothers and establish safe and reliable relationships with adults in the community. The counselors also provide group therapy for the moms to help them work on relationships with significant others, friends in high school, and daily emotions of neglect, anger, and sadness.

These funds are going to help Compass Health continue our counseling services with Cocoon House’s Maternity Group Home in Arlington. We look forward to working with the Whitehorse Foundation again as they continue to generously invest in Snohomish County. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Tom Kozaczynski
Associate Director of Development