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Child and Family Outpatient Services

We provide specialized services for children, youth and families. Services may include individual therapy, family services, group therapy, and support for parents and children. Services may be provided at the facility, in home, or in the community.

Compass Health provides an array of counseling and support services to families with children and youth who may have emotional and or behavioral challenges. Compass Health services are designed to promote positive changes in behavior, help the child /youth and family learn appropriate coping skills, improve communication skills including learning to resolve conflict and manage emotions in a healthy manner. Families seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Sometimes circumstantial life changes can bring about symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders which impede the child or youth’s everyday life. Youth may have challenges at school, with peers, or in the community. Problems related to traumatic experiences which often impact the child, youth and/or their family often initiates the request for counseling in an effort to relieve painful feelings.

Compass Health services are tailored to meet the developmental needs of the child and youth and we work to involve family members (foster parents/guardians) when that will benefit the client. We offer individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy using evidenced-based practices as well as case management services to coordinate with schools, Children’s Administration, juvenile justice and other systems that are involved with the particular client.

We also have specialized services available for individuals with higher levels of need. (See specialized Services)

Group Therapy – Children/ Youth

Arrays of groups are offered to current clients at several of our clinics. Groups are developed according to the common needs of our clients.Topics change from time to time and may include the following topics for child/youth clients: teen support groups, social skills groups, and anger management groups. Some locations offer group treatment approaches such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which focuses on learning skills in interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. If clients are interested in participating in a group, it is recommended that they discuss their interest with their primary clinician.

Some sites offer specialized groups designed to address specific types of traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, and some also offer groups specifically for non-offending parents.