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Foster Parenting (Snohomish County) - Is Foster Parenting a Good Fit for You?

The following questions will help you assess whether you have the characteristics common to most successful foster parents.  Are your current life circumstances also favorable for foster parenting?  It is important to consider each item carefully and answer as honestly as you can.

Are you ready?

  • Do you love children and truly want to help them?
  • Are you flexible and able to adapt to changing situations?
  • Are you emotionally secure and confident you can be a good parent?
  • Can you accept a child who may not immediately respond to you?
  • Can you love a child despite his or her behavioral problems?
  • Can you view small improvements as victories and accept setbacks at normal?
  • Can you accept and nurture a child with the ultimate goal of returning that child to his/her birth family or extended family?
  • Do you have a healthy sense of humor?

Is your family ready?

  • Do all family members understand and support your commitment to foster parenting?
  • Are your immediate family relationships stable?
  • Is your family ready to share your home with a foster child?
  • Is your home large enough to comfortably accommodate another person?
  • If you are going to do therapeutic foster care, do you have a separate bedroom for the child?

Is it the right time in your life?

  • Is your household employment situation stable?
  • Is your lifestyle a good role model for a foster child?
  • Do you have time to attend thirty hours of pre-service training and ongoing training?
  • Can you devote significant time and energy to a foster child?
  • Do you have time to transport a foster child to meetings and appointments?

If you are ready to make a difference in the life of a child, please contact us today at 425-349-8480 or send us an email.

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