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Housing and Recovery through Peer Services (HARPS)

The HARPS program intends to provide clients with a combination of services aimed at securing permanent supportive housing, primarily for individuals discharging from inpatient psychiatric and chemical dependency facilities.

Housing and Recovery through Peer Services (HARPS) -- Snohomish County

The Compass Snohomish County HARPS program provides clients with supportive housing services aimed at securing and maintaining permanent housing. The program primarily serves individuals discharging from psychiatric inpatient or substance use disorder inpatient facilities who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.

Peer Counselors provide the supportive services.  They assist clients to obtain housing, assist them with related applications, and assist them in identifying personal strategies to maintain their housing. They also provide referrals for other needed services. Housing subsidies are also available to program clients based on need to assist them with housing deposits and initial rent.

For a PDF of our HARPS Snohomish Brochure click here.

Housing and Recovery through Peer Services (HARPS) -- Skagit & San Juan Counties 

The HARPS program in Skagit and San Juan counties is ​only available for current Compass Health clients that reside in Skagit County or San Juan County.​ If you are a Compass Health client and would like to learn more about the HARPS program in Skagit and San Juan County, please talk to your Compass Health clinician.

What services are provided through HARPS?

Based on availability, funding, and resources, enrolled clients may be eligible for these services through the HARPS program:

  • Referrals to Mental Health services
  • Referrals to Chemical Dependency services
  • Peer supportive services
  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining housing
  • Housing subsidies
  • Referrals to other services based on individual’s needs

Are you eligible for this service?
Eligibility criteria: An individual must have Medicaid, must have a mental health disorder or substance use disorder, and must be homeless or be at risk of becoming homeless. Individuals referred from inpatient behavioral health treatment facilities are the top priority.  Individuals maybe eligible who present with:

  • Mental Health issues
  • Chemical Dependency issues
  • Co-occurring (Mental Health and Substance Abuse) disorders
  • Are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

In San Juan county and Skagit County Eligibility requirements remain the same as above, as well as already being a Compass Health client.

How to Refer?
Individuals referred from psychiatric inpatient or chemical dependency inpatient facilities will be considered as priority status for HARPS services.

The ‘Priority Population’ who is served by HARPS are individuals being discharged from:

  • Psychiatric inpatient facility
  • Chemical Dependency inpatient facility

For more information about the HARPS Program in Snohomish County, call 425-349-6800 or 1-800-457-9303.