COVID-19 Vaccine

What do we know about COVID-19 vaccines?

COVID-19 vaccines are being developed as quickly as possible, routine processes and procedures remain in place to ensure the safety of any vaccine that is authorized. Fighting the pandemic has been hard, but we now have two vaccines to protect us from COVID-19. Safety is a top priority, and there are many reasons to get vaccinated for more information visit Vaccinate WA. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Vaccines are now available to everyone 12 and older

  • For COVID-19 Information Hotline, call1-800-525-0127. 
  • To find a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, visit

Both vaccines are provided at no cost

  • The federal government will cover the cost of your vaccine. Providers may charge you a fee to give the vaccine, but health insurance will likely cover it. Providers will waive the fee if you can’t afford it.
  • You will need to get two doses of the vaccine, three to four weeks apart.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

  • Both vaccines are 94 to 95 percent effective.
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the vaccines for emergency use and found no serious safety concerns. Independent experts confirmed it met high safety and efficacy standards.
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