Home for the Holidays

This time of year is special for most all of us.

We gather with friends and families in homes, sharing the memories of the year, and looking forward to the new ones to make. It’s a time of celebration and giving thanks. It’s a time of hope and of love.

But there are so many who don’t get to celebrate in a home during this season. For people who are experiencing the challenges and struggles of homelessness, it can be hard to celebrate and to give thanks.

Every year, Compass Health assists over 300 mentally ill people transition from homelessness into stable and supportive housing. Oftentimes, our housing is their first ever stable living situation. These individuals are carrying everything they have with them on the streets and have nothing to move in with. It’s hard to tell someone that they have a home when there’s nothing inside.

Your contribution to Compass Health’s Housing program directly supports people who need help transitioning from the streets to a home. Your gift in any amount will afford our clients the opportunity to have a home for the holidays.

If 100 of our donors donate $500, we will be able to provide move-in ready housing to clients for the next year!

Best wishes for the Holidays and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Compass Health!

Give the gift of home


“I felt like no one cared. No one wanted to look at me when they walked by me…

… But now I have a place to call my own. Compass Health has helped me take the steps to get better.

I want to get better.


How far does your donation go?

kitchen and bed basics,
a dresser, microwave oven,
toiletries, towels, and
cleaning products

a mattress, bedding set,
and pillows

pots and pans, plates,
cups, silverware, and
a coffee maker

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