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IMPACT (Integrated Model of Police and Crisis Teams) is an integrated partnership between Compass Health and local law enforcement that allows the two agencies to respond to mental-health related calls together.

Compass Health President & CEO Tom Sebastian (left) and members of the IMPACT team (partnership with Skagit County Sherriff) meeting with Representative Rick Larsen.

Compass Health has been serving the behavioral health needs of our community for over 115 years. As a leader in the community, we are proud to offer IMPACT, enabling our trained behavioral health professionals to partner with local law enforcement agencies throughout our five-county region.

IMPACT teams are embedded with law enforcement, so when a mental health dispatch code comes through, a mental health professional and their law enforcement counterpart will respond to the call together.

Our goal is to get the first responders to mental health calls and intervene before individuals find themselves in a cycle of hospitalization, arrests, or homelessness.

Goals of an IMPACT Partnership:

  • Provide early and voluntary behavioral health intervention and increase access to behavioral health services.
  • Reduce calls for service that require a level of expertise outside the scope of law enforcement.
  • De-escalate community members experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Decrease use of 911 system for non-emergent calls by high utilizers of services.
  • Improve community relationships by offering interventions to high-risk community members in need of additional supportive services.
  • Ensure that there are linkages to ongoing mental health care for those who need it.

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The IMPACT Team has already touched so many lives in its short existence. The IMPACT Team restores hope and provides resources to the person in crisis and their family members. I am so proud to serve the citizens of Skagit County alongside Compass Health.

Chief Chris Baldwin
Skagit County Sheriff’s Office

Current IMPACT partners:

  • Skagit County Sheriff
  • Arlington Police Department
  • Lake Stevens Police Department
  • Marysville Police Department
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The primary duties of the embedded IMPACT mental health professional are as follows:

  • Embedded mental health professional will ride along with law enforcement officers from designated departmental jurisdictions to provide crisis intervention services in response to a call for service.
  • Perform accurate assessments to evaluate and diagnose behavioral health disorders in a culturally competent, recovery-oriented, and trauma-sensitive manner by providing services within the context of the clients’ perspectives and beliefs.
  • Provide skilled intervention capabilities for situations requiring a clinical opinion for further evaluation by a DCR (designated crisis responder) where officers do not have the necessary training and background to complete the clinical assessment. The clinician will work in collaboration with the officer on scene to determine if transport to a medical facility for further evaluation is warranted.
  • Complete welfare checks for people in crisis who are high utilizers of law enforcement services.
    Promote medication compliance, access to resources, and wellness promotion to reduce calls for service and frequent hospitalizations.
  • Provide skilled assessment to encourage voluntary use of community resources to prevent future crisis. Offer assistance in connecting with resources as determined by client and clinician.
  • Connect individuals in crisis to local resources to provide a long term support network for their needs.
  • Provide educational resources for law enforcement to expand the body of knowledge about behavioral health and techniques available to assist those experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
  • Build and maintain working relationships with local agencies to foster community support.
  • Provide follow up information to referring officers or community referrals as deemed appropriate or needed in accordance with privacy laws.
  • Provides consultation and support related to areas of specialization.
  • Utilize the services of Compass Health’s emergency services teams to ensure linkages to ongoing mental health care for those who need further assistance.

The primary duties of the law enforcement partners are as follows:

  • Monitor calls for service to determine if a behavioral health component may be present and, if so, respond with crisis clinician to location of call.
  • Receive and respond to direct requests from on duty personnel for crisis team response.
  • Conduct environmental safety assessment on scene.
  • Collaborate with clinician to determine appropriate next action.
  • Assist in collection of demographic information and criminal history/records checks.
  • Provide crisis clinician with protection as needed.
  • Provide follow up information to referring officers or community referrals as deemed appropriate or needed in accordance with privacy laws.
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