At Andy’s Place – as with our other facilities – we are squarely focused on supporting the safety of our clients, staff, and neighbors. Here are some of the safety best practices, policies and procedures we have in place.

  • Each tenant signs our Good Neighbor Policy that outlines actions that tenants agree to refrain from: littering; loitering; yelling; fighting; hassling neighbors, store vendors, etc.; aggressive panhandling; purchasing or selling drugs or paraphernalia.
  • Compass Health also has a strict guest policy – guests must check in and out of the building with staff at the front desk after being registered on an approved list of visitors with ID verification and be escorted by the resident they are visiting.
  • Controlled access so that entry is only possible through the front door with more than 50 cameras monitoring the premises.
  • No weapons are allowed. A private security company provides 24/7 security throughout the property. Thoroughly trained staff are proficient in conflict de-escalation and other safety measures and protocols.