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Compass Health serves Snohomish, Skagit, Island, San Juan, and Whatcom counties in Northwest Washington State.

First, learn how to access services

Accessing services at Compass Health is an easy, three-step process. Learn how to get started.

How to Access Services

What is a referral form?

This document is used to refer an individual to outpatient mental health services at Compass Health. You may also call us directly toll free at 844-822-7609 to provide your information over the phone.

Our access screeners will review the information below and follow up within one business day. At that time, the screener will assist you in determining which Compass Health location you will be referred to and how to access a mental health assessment.

What Are Outpatient Services?

What happens after being referred?

After being referred, a mental health professional will conduct an initial assessment with you to determine eligibility for ongoing care. If eligible, additional services including individual, group, and family therapy, as well as a psychiatric evaluation and medication management, may be provided based on clinical need and a mutually agreed upon treatment plan.

New referral info

We are currently accepting new referrals at most locations. However due to staffing shortages, there may be some limitations on type of services available by site. Please discuss with the Access Screener or your assessor if you have questions.

Child Advocacy Program

Is currently accepting new clients. If you would like to make a referral to CAP, please call directly at 425-349-3030 rather than completing the online referral form

Post-Inpatient Psychiatric Care

If you are calling from an inpatient psychiatric unit to refer someone for post-hospital care, please call us directly at 425-349-8200 rather than completing the online referral form so we can ensure timely processing of your referral.

Intensive Programs

If you are referring to one of our intensive programs directly, such as WISePACT, or Residential, please contact those teams directly rather than completing the online referral form. 

Client Forms

Please refer to our Client Forms page if you need to complete your Pre-Assessment Paperwork as instructed by our Access Department.

Client Forms

Online Referral Form – For Self

Online Referral Form – Professional Referral Source

Online Referral Form – Other Referral Source

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