In response to racism…

Below is the message from our President / CEO, Tom Sebastian, to our staff, in response to the difficult and painful conversations we are facing around racism:

Since George Floyd’s horrific and unjust death, I have been listening and reflecting as I know you all have.

Listening, to the pain expressed by those who suffer every day from racism, prejudice, discrimination and injustice.

Reflecting, while doing my best to do so with honest acknowledgment of my own place in this world.

In the past day some of you have reached out to me directly and I want you to know I am listening, and I want to thank you.

Some of you experience this pain yourselves while others of you have loved ones who suffer and are afraid because of their race. I have family members who I worry about, am listening to, and learning from.

And every day here at Compass Health we serve so many who do as well.

We are sending our message out to the community that as a community behavioral health provider we confront the impacts of discrimination every day, that everyone is welcome here, and how to reach us if you need us.

It is critical that each of us continue our own self examination.

It is also critical that we have conversations with each other that are honest, genuine, vulnerable, and gracious.

These conversations are happening throughout Compass Health and will continue and expand as we demonstrate our rejection of discrimination and injustice.

We must continue this dialogue, acknowledging and acting upon its impact on the way in which we do our work together with those we serve.

Every day I see your passion and commitment. Because of this I know that we will move forward together, confront the brutal harsh realities, and do the hard work, with faith that we will continue to change lives and inspire hope.

– Tom

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