$14 Million Secured from State Budget for Compass Health’s Intensive Behavioral Health Facility

Governor Inslee recently approved Washington’s State’s budget, allocating $14 million in the state’s capital budget for the design and construction of Compass Health’s new behavioral health facility in Everett. This facility is phase two in Compass Health’s Broadway Campus Redevelopment Project. Phase one, a new 82 unit supportive housing building, opened up spring 2021.

The Building

The 82,000-square-foot building will replace the aging Bailey Building on Broadway Avenue in Everett with a new, functional facility designed for intensive behavioral health services. Our intensive services serve the most marginalized and vulnerable and members of our society. Many of these individuals experience chronic homelessness and cannot regulate their medication schedule. The programs inside this building will include:

The Impact

The 16-bed inpatient evaluation and treatment unit will allow us to serve an additional 250 clients annually in the most acute setting outside of a psychiatric hospital. This will amount to more than 5,000 days of total care where clients can remain in their community, receiving family visits, seamless care coordination, and facilitating efficient transition to after-care. In total, the facility is estimated to provide 30,587 points of service to approximately 1,500 adults each year.

“With phase two, we are creating a purpose-built facility that reflects the exceptional quality, sophistication and respectfulness of our intensive behavioral health services – a dynamic that will benefit every single member of our community. Individuals from all backgrounds across the region will access our services as a turning point to recovery, and this has a range of benefits including enabling hospitals and first responders to focus on their core roles rather than managing complex behavioral health needs. Ultimately, phase two – like the entire campus – will serve as a direct resource for our community members and partners across Northwest Washington.”

This community-based care facility aligns with the state’s focus on modernizing and transforming our state’s mental healthcare systems. The redevelopment of our Broadway Campus will create efficient, purpose-built clinical and operational space designed to meet the behavioral healthcare needs of our community – and reflect the dignity both our patients and staff deserve.

Phase II will be an asset in how we care for clients and it will also strengthen our ability to recruit and retain behavioral health clinicians and support staff. This facility will also feature a two-level parking structure, allowing patients and staff to park onsite.

You can read more about the virtual grand opening of our supportive housing building and the $14 million secured in state capital funding for phase two in our press release.

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