5 Mental Health Resolutions for the New Year

Mental health resolutions are not overnight fixes. They are not like getting a new hairstyle or trying on a new outfit – a quick change that makes a difference only on the outside. Real change geared toward improving your mental health requires small steps, often repeated daily, that become part of your everyday life. Here are a few mental health resolutions to pick from in 2021:


Make self-care a priority:

This could mean an uninterrupted 15-minute walk, or it could be a vow to start each morning with a warm cup of tea. The idea is to find a window of time devoted to caring for yourself. Quiet meditation, daily yoga poses and time for journaling also fit this resolution.


Practice Gratitude:

If you make time each day to focus on what you are grateful for; it will improve your mental health. You will be choosing to look at the positive things in your life – no matter how small – and feel richer because of them.


Work Smarter:

This one is all about finally committing to a better work-life balance – one that leaves time for your personal life. In this era of more people working remotely, our jobs tend to spill over into time we used to set aside for ourselves and our families. Resolve to have a clearer dividing line between work and home to ensure you have time for yourself.


Strengthen your connections with friends: 


Friendships need to be nourished. While many of us are not seeing our friends as much as we would like because of pandemic restrictions, those connections are important to our mental health. Set up time where you can meet a friend for a walk or some other outside adventure. If they are far away, make sure to schedule regular video chats to keep those bonds strong.


Ask for Help:

Realize that in 2021 you do not have to do it all alone. Instead of taking on everything yourself, think about who may be able to help. The first step is to reach out, even with the smallest tasks such as a ride to the airport, to talk through a big or small decision.

As we make our way through the new year our wellness is not a check list, but merely a work in progress to be better than before, big or small.


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