2022 New Year’s Mental Health Resolutions

Every new year people worldwide set resolutions ranging from eating better to working out and many other goals. But this year, try and set a resolution or two about bettering your behavioral health.


  • Talk to someone about your mental health: With mental health being much more accepted in society today, make 2022 the year that you make a change and get help if you need it. Stop putting other things above your mental health. Getting treatment for your anxiety and depression can be something that can make your quality of life better.
  • Get more sleep: Sleep, some people love it, and others may have a love-hate relationship with it. Getting more and better sleep should be one of the top things you try and accomplish this year. Many people don’t realize that sleep can go hand in hand with your mental and behavioral health, and has been linked to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and many other conditions. These are a few simple tricks to try and help you get better sleep, set a bedtime and night time routine, try and avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine past three pm, put away your electronics at least an hour before bedtime so that the blue light doesn’t throw off your circadian rhythm.
  • Take a break from social media: Social media is something that can be very useful in staying connected with friends and family that you may not see often. But most people nowadays can become too wrapped up in everything that everyone else is doing. By taking a break from social media it can allow you to live in the moment, instead of living vicariously through influencers, friends, and family. Also by spending less time on your phone you can get better sleep, and reconnect with friends and family in person.
  • Tell yourself 5 positive daily affirmations: Most of us don’t realize that what we think and what we say about ourselves can impact the way that we view ourselves. By saying positive affirmations to yourself can help individuals cope with negative/stressful information and situations. There are studies that show that people who practice daily affirmations can help improve self-esteem and reduce negative thinking. You can find two minutes out of your busy schedule to say five positive things out loud, and it can help shape the way that you view yourself.
  • Get a journal: Buy a journal and use it for self-reflection. Instead of bottling all your thoughts up in your mind, by expressing them by writing them on paper has many benefits for your mental health. By putting it on paper can help reduce stress, boost your moods, improve your immune system, and many other things. By doing this you can get the good the bad and everything else in your mind on paper.


By following these tips during the New Year, we hope that they can relieve some of your stress as we walk into 2022.

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