Be a Champion this Holiday Season…

As homeslessness in our region continues to grow, Compass Health becomes the lifeline for many of our neighbors who struggle day-to-day. You can be their champion...

When most people are thinking about their wish lists and what special gift they are going to get their loved ones, others in our community are worried about where they will sleep that night. Or perhaps if they will have enough money left over this month to keep the heat or water on in their house. A mother of two living in her car is worried if she will be able to find a shelter in our area that will take her and her kids. And for many others, they are wondering if a sleeping bag and blanket may be the difference between surviving another day on the street or not.

Not only are we providing the behavioral healthcare to our community members that is the cornerstone of our services, we are also providing those that are receiving our services who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness with the extra help they need to get by.

Our clinicians who dedicate their lives to our clients are the first responders in times of crisis for our homeless neighbors in our care. They work with our clients to get them the extra help they need this time of year to make sure they have the basic necessities they need to survive.

  • Our housing program coordinators administer motel vouchers through our Emergency Motel Voucher Program not only to Compass Health clients, but to any community member in need that fits the criteria. We provided over 400 nights of emergency shelter in the last year, with many of those nights helping women and children.
  • Our two Peer Centers in Everett and Bellingham, each serving about 100 individuals a day, work with our homeless neighbors to provide them basic behavioral health services, a warm and welcoming environment, and a sense of comradery, dignity, respect, and hope. There is one problem though - and a problem only you can help us solve. These special programs that help with things like blankets, coats, sleeping bags, utilities, motel vouchers, and meals - is fully supported by our donors like you.
These special services are fully funded and supported by the community, and we need your help this year more than ever, or we will not be able to serve everyone that comes to us in need.
As the holiday season comes into full swing and you start planning your holiday shopping lists, we hope that you will leave one line open for a gift to Compass Health.
100% of your gift will go directly to helping a person struggling with housing or someone who is already homeless.

Be a champion for someone this holiday season! Donate to Compass Health!

Every year, you have partnered with Compass Health to make the holidays safer, warmer, and happier for countles people; adults and kids alike.

Without your generosity, we would be unable to provide any of these things to our community.