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  • Award! From the Whatcom Community Foundation

    Great news! Thank you to the Whatcom Community Foundation to their generous support to provide early assessment and mental health support for Transition Aged Youth (TAY).

    Compass Health has a long history of partnering and co-locating clinicians at other non-profit organizations and public service agencies (Cocoon House and Dawson Palce) that serve individuals in our community who also have a high need for mental health services.

    Our first initiative is to improve mental health access for … More »

  • Thank you to the Whitehorse Foundation for your significant support!


    Compass Health is incredibly honored to have been awarded a multi-year grant from The Whitehorse Foundation of $100,000 per year for two years to support our clinical services at Cocoon House. 

    Compass Health and Cocoon House have worked together for more than a decade supporting homeless young people and their families.  Our Compass Health Youth Counseling Program provides crucial mental health counseling services to homeless youth ages 13-18, … More »

  • Thank you to Campbell Nelson for your Support of our Emergency Motel Voucher Program


    Campbell Nelson runs several ‘cause’ marketing campaigns to bring awareness and dollars to help non-profits do their great works. This winter (January through March) Campbell Nelson is partnering with three non-profits to help those who are homeless.  Off to a great start -- Thank you Campbell Nelson!

    Every car sold January 1st through March 31st provides 5 nights of emergency housing for people in our community without a home.

    Please follow the link to find out more about our … More »

  • Wellness Tip:  Coping with Stress After a Traumatic Event

    Traumatic events take different forms—natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados, wildfires), personal loss, school shootings, and community violence—and their effects on us vary. People may feel sad, confused, scared, or worried. Others may feel numb or even happy to be alive and safe. Reactions to traumatic events can be had by those directly impacted as well as by friends and family of victims, first responders, and people learning about the events from the news.

    Feeling stressed … More »

  • Your year-end contribution to Compass Health helps at-risk children and youth thrive!

    We help kids thrive. 

    At Compass Health, we provide behavioral health services to more than 5,000 children, youth and families annually. Kids come to Compass Health for help with many different behavioral health issues.  We may see them just once to deal with a singular event, or some may work with our clinicians into adulthood. Our comprehensive children’s programs serve youth and families with wraparound services, individual and family counseling, therapeutic groups, parent … More »

  • Read and watch personal recovery stories in honor of National Recovery Month

    Read and watch on Recovery Month's YouTube others' personal stories of recovery, or join the voices of recovery and share your personal story with hundredths of thousands of Recovery Month supporters online today!

  • Thank you to the United Way of Whatcom for your sustaining support for the Rainbow Recovery Center!

    The United Way of Whatcom

    A BIG thank you is due to the United Way of Whatcom County for their significant support of the Rainbow Recovery Center on W Holly Street in Bellingham.

    The United Way of Whatcom has funded this program for over 10 years. And the results of our partnership are clear: recovery oriented plans help people lead healthy lifestyles and avoid risky behaviors.

    Last year 1,289 referrals were made to other community agencies through member/peer counseling. That means Compass Health is to … More »

  • New law will enable first responders to take troubled to triage center

    By Diana Hefley
    Herald Writer
    Published: Friday, June 12, 2015, 12:01 a.m.

    EVERETT — Tucked around the back of the large Compass Health building on Broadway is a door that leads to respite.

    Inside are clean beds, hot meals, a place to wash clothes and medical and mental health services. An exam room staffed by nurses around the clock is painted a pale lavender. Five or so comfortable recliners are ready for anyone who needs a few hours just to relax. There also are small … More »

  • One Day!  Thank you to New Life for breathing new life into our garden at the Bailey Peer Center!

    Compass Health is proud to have been selected as one of the 20/20 Partners for the New Life Foursquare church in Everett.  New life has provided volunteer services throughout the year but Saturday, May 30th was just One Day where those efforts really made a difference.  Thank you for your support!!

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month… but don’t let it end there

    Mental health has no time frame and no official end date - neither should your awareness or support for mental health in America.  This month, organizations and people from around the country rallied together to show their support for mental health and to remind us all that a mental health diagnoses does not define them or hold them back.

    What can you do now?  Mental Health month may be over, but you can still show support...