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  • Apple Health (Medicaid) Extends Coverage for a Month

    OLYMPIA – Washington Apple Health says it is extending health care coverage for about 18,000 Medicaid households who were told earlier to complete their renewal  by the end of December or face termination of coverage. 

    The extension will give those clients time to contact the Health Care Authority and confirm that they still want Washington Apple Health coverage.

    The Health Care Authority will also be sending letters the first week of January to clients who lost coverage November 30, … More »

  • Save the Date! Dignity & Respect Conference “Celebrating Workplace Diversity”

  • Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963

    May is Mental Health Month and a great opportunity to spread the word that mental illness is real, common, and treatable and that help is available in your community. It’s especially significant this year as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 and welcome President Obama’s proclamation recognizing May as National Mental Health Awareness Month, 2013.
    For millions of Americans with mental illness, the Community Mental Health Act signed by … More »
  • 6 Foster Care Skills You Need to Know Before Being a Foster Parent

    Basics to Being a Foster Parent

    By Carrie Craft, Guide

    The following 6 statements describe the basic knowledge base of successful foster parents. Of course there is more to being a foster parent, but these 6 points are a great place to start.

    Foster Care Skill #1 - Know your home and family.

    Before jumping into foster care, most families spend two or three years just thinking about it. Here are a few points to consider before making the final decision on whether or not … More »

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    The United States celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Typically, the month sparks significant media coverage as well as numerous advocacy and awareness events. Follow these steps to observe Mental Health Awareness Month.
    === Get a Mental Health Check-Up ===
    Just like physical check-ups, mental health check-ups can be invaluable in detecting mental health problems before they become serious. Consider asking for a simple evaluation from your physician or health … More »