Michael’s Client Story

Michael first came to Compass Health 15 years ago. Chronically homeless, struggling with addiction and without a natural support system, he floated between Compass Health’s PACT (Program of Assertive Community Treatment), intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs. Michael made progress during his treatment periods (coming to meetings, regularly taking his medications) but as soon as he left a program. he went off his medication, was back on the streets, and often was arrested for trespassing.

After numerous arrests, Michael was admitted to Western State Hospital where he remained for 3 years. He made improvements in taking his medications and working with mental health professionals on a release plan and eventually was discharged and moved into Compass Health’s Aurora House on a court order.

Some time passed before Michael was able to engage and socialize with the clinicians and other residents. With help from his clinician, he created a treatment plan to address his behavioral health, general health, vocational/educational/housing needs, and social supports. For 18 months, Michael steadily progressed and moved toward a discharge date.

One of Michael’s goals was to find housing to provide stability and keep him on the road to recovery. He found a clean and sober house within biking distance to his sessions with his new counselor. With his history of treatment and milestones in mind, he now lives in an environment that keeps him accountable.

Michael now rides his bike to his meetings with his PACT counselor. Through all of this, his biggest fear was getting off his medications, but Michael doesn’t see that happening anymore.

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