How to Access Services

Step 1: Make your referral by calling Compass Health's Access Department or complete the Online Referral Form.

Contact the Access Department:

Our Access Department can process referrals for our outpatient mental health services or provide information about our other services. For outpatient mental health services, we accept referrals for individuals with a Medicaid Plan through one of the Washington State Apple MCOs with an IMC or BHSO benefit type.

Step 2 (Telehealth Only Option): Fill out Pre-Assessment Forms

After speaking with the Access Department, if you will be participating in a Telehealth appointment, fill out the Pre-Assessment Forms.

Attention parents of children under age 13 – Whether your child is attending an appointment in the office or at home using Telehealth, you will also need to present for the appointment as well.

Instructions on how to set up and use Zoom.

Step 3: Scheduling your assessment.

Our Access Department will call you to schedule your assessment.

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